Flower pots, a world to choose from

Where in the past the plants were sold in the well-known orange pots, they are now usually in black plastic containers. In both cases you need flower pots to put them somewhere nice in the house or garden. The collection of flower pots is now very extensive. Pots from Elho, for example, are available in all materials and colours. This sector is also clearly moving with the times. Elho’s illuminated pots are a clear example of this. They give a very special effect in the garden or on the balcony and are energy-efficient.

Traditional flower pots
That’s what we can call the collection of clay or pottery. The choice of this material in the past was certainly not accidental. These flower pots are UV-resistant, waterproof and can withstand frost. You can easily clean such a pot with water and a mild soap. If a layer of lime has formed, you can remove it by placing the pot in vinegar water for a while. You can also paint a flower pot made of clay or earthenware yourself and make it fit completely within your (new) interior. These pots have a rural look, but actually go with everything and are familiar.

Plastic pots
Plastic clearly has a different look than clay or pottery, but the choice is huge. Elho’s collection of plastic flower pots is enormous. Plastic is light and strong. The material does not breathe and the soil therefore remains moist for longer. Cleaning is easy and the flower pots will still look like new even after years. Such a pot must be placed on a solid surface, otherwise there is a risk of falling over or being blown away. If you use large plastic pots outside, it is wise to make the pot heavier by, for example, placing some stones at the bottom. Plastic pots are certainly an asset in a modern interior, but can also be used elsewhere.

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